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Letter to Don Gordon from Jay Rodgin in regards to the final year of Abbot. Says that Gordon's "yankee hospitality" far exceeds his own "southern hospitality."

Note with photocopied dollar bill with Don Gordon's face on it from the students of Project Care.

Letter to Don Gordon from concerned parent, Nonie Meudeuhall, in regards to some of the drug activities happening around Abbot and Phillip Academy's campuses.

Letter to Don Gordon from parent Mimi Barton in regards to the merger and to her daughter's anxiety around school work and Abbot.

Letter to Don Gordon from Noelle B. Beatty, Abbot class of 1950, writing in support of the merger with Phillips Academy.

Letter to Don Gordon from former student Jackie Frazier in her senior year at college. The letter covers a range of topics, but mostly discusses the forum and in the end she talks about a donation to Abbot to help towards the 11,000 dollar…

Letter to Don Gordon concerning a parents thoughts on the activities and presentations that were given at Parent's Weekend. There were a lot of negative comments, especially about birth control and learning about "liberal arts"

Letter to Don Gordon from Laura H. Milton thanking him and the trustees for the work that they do at Abbot Academy. Only complaint was lack of milk served during meal times.

Parent Marcie Doyle sharing something that her daughter said about how Abbot Academy is shaping up. Overall, she is really pleased by what she is seeing and hearing.

Letter to Don Gordon from Betsy Pennink, a concerned parent about the news of the merger with Phillips Academy the following fall. She expresses her concern about the classroom experience and other issues she believes will arise when the schools…
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