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Four actresses in the scene, two sitting on the floor, two standing up.

Two girls dressed in dresses and aprons sit in front of a fireplace, apparently mid scene in a play.

Girl sitting in armchair, spread out

Two characters, one dressed as a woman and one dressed as a man, in period costumes from the 1700s, stand in conversation with each other.

Girl stands in front of play background. Play is most likely related to Asia, potentially the Mikado. Another girl lays by her feet, her face not visible, holding something with writing in a calligraphy language.

Girl in costume for her play, sits in thought. She is wearing a dress with a flowered apron.

Four actresses use gardening tools to work on the front lawn, while one actress sits in a bird bath. All four are looking at the camera. They are wearing pointed hats and oversized garments. The character sitting in the fountain is wearing a long…

Two actresses sit on the far left of the photo. Six actresses stand clustered around the table.

Five girls sit surrounding one girl, conversing.

Group of students in full costume posing for a photo
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