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Letter from former student Shauna T. to Don Gordon about her withdrawl from Abbot Academy.

Letter from former student Linda Rawsou to Don Gordon about an article referencing a jazz musician. She also wishes him luck on his new adventures.

Letter to Don Gordon thanking him for being their while Jane Comely's daughter was in the hospital.

Letter from Alison Galusha to Don Gordon expressing her concerns over the rumors that she has heard about Abbot Academy making some rule changes.

Postcard from Sara G writing after watching the first spacelab launch in Florida.

Letter from former student Laura to Don Gordon addressing all the things that she had wanted to say to him after graduation, but never got the chance to.

Letter from former student Abby M. Anderson to Don Gordon all the way from England. Expresses her feelings of missing New England and her gratitude towards people that she met while at Abbot, making her time in the Americas easier.

Letter from Abby Johnson to Don Gordon in regards to hearing a rumor about some of the rules and regulations being changed at Abbot Academy.

Letter from former student Kim to Don Gordon about her experiences at her new high school and thanking him for all of his help. Also mentions that she has been writing a lot of poetry and is really glad for the change of events that happened in her…

Letter to Don Gordon from Marra thanking him and his wife for their help and also for her experience in Washington D.C. She also expresses that she is looking forward to return to Abbot, as it is "rare find" that she has come to appreciate more now…
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