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Four actresses use gardening tools to work on the front lawn, while one actress sits in a bird bath. All four are looking at the camera. They are wearing pointed hats and oversized garments. The character sitting in the fountain is wearing a long…

Two actresses sit on the far left of the photo. Six actresses stand clustered around the table.

Five girls sit surrounding one girl, conversing.

Group of students in full costume posing for a photo

Seven actresses pose in front of their set. The set is a castle. 4 of the girls are in headscarfs and dresses. The other four are in white dresses with head coverings

Mr. Pim Passes By-Faculty Play
Seven people pictured. 4 are standing, three are sitting.

Eight actors stand next to each other in a cast photo. The play is a period play. Some of the actors wear dresses and aprons. Other wear pants shirts and sweaters.

A girl stands in a nightgown with her hair section off into two pigtails held together by ribbons. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is shaped in an O. A boy stands next to her wearing a necklace around his neck, appearing to talk to her. There are…

Mid-scene shot, two actors stand at a table, while five look on. One of the actors at the table looks visibly upset at the other non-table actors.

Taken on the Davis Green. Left is Despina Pladius '29 and right is Doris Siler '30.
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