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Girl sitting in armchair, spread out

Girl in costume for her play, sits in thought. She is wearing a dress with a flowered apron.

Girl stands in front of play background. Play is most likely related to Asia, potentially the Mikado. Another girl lays by her feet, her face not visible, holding something with writing in a calligraphy language.

Group of students in full costume posing for a photo

Group Shot Outside of a White House

Left is Dwight Hall, Anna Cleveland. French Play. Taken at Mr.s Cleveland's house/ Cutler's House, abbot place. Posed for Booklet: "Abbot in her second century".

Two actors stand facing each other in conversation behind a table. One is dressed as a male wearing a leather jacket, collared shirt, and pants. The other is dressed as a female wearing a shirt and a skirt. The set appears to be a dining room.

A girl stands in a nightgown with her hair section off into two pigtails held together by ribbons. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is shaped in an O. A boy stands next to her wearing a necklace around his neck, appearing to talk to her. There areā€¦

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