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Letter from Alice B. Emerson, Abbot Academy alumna, writing to Phebe McKeen about her memories at Abbot Academy from the early 1860s.

Letter from Rufus S. Frost agreeing to become a member of the trustees at Abbot Academy.

Letter from L. T. Chamberlain granting permission for Philena McKeen to use him as a reference in support of Abbot Academy.

Letter from Sanborn Tenney of Vassar College answering questions in regards to cabinet sizes and what kind of instructions to give to the carpenters in order to house the newly acquired collection.

Letter from Sanborn Tenney of Vassar College in regards to a zoological cabinet to aid in teaching Natural History. Letter proposes cost of cabinet and a contingent agreement of purchase.

Letter from Lizzie Chadborne to Philena McKeen about her studies and time at Andover. Also mentions something about being unable to help with "the cause," doesn't specifically mention what this is.

Letter to Don Gordon from Heide Kropp about the difficulties of building relationships in college and the importance of letter seniors at Abbot know that there are always alternatives to college.

Postcard from Jackie Frazier and Alice Petree to Don Gordon while they are spending some time in Gloucester by themselves over the summer. Just writing to say hello.

Letter to Don Gordon from Marra thanking him and his wife for their help and also for her experience in Washington D.C. She also expresses that she is looking forward to return to Abbot, as it is "rare find" that she has come to appreciate more now…

Letter from former student Kim to Don Gordon about her experiences at her new high school and thanking him for all of his help. Also mentions that she has been writing a lot of poetry and is really glad for the change of events that happened in her…
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