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Letter from Abby Johnson to Don Gordon in regards to hearing a rumor about some of the rules and regulations being changed at Abbot Academy.

Letter from former student Abby M. Anderson to Don Gordon all the way from England. Expresses her feelings of missing New England and her gratitude towards people that she met while at Abbot, making her time in the Americas easier.

Letter from Ada L. Jams to Philena McKeen accepting the invitation to the semi-centennial and discussing fond memories of being at Abbot Academy.

Letter from Alice B. Emerson, Abbot Academy alumna, writing to Phebe McKeen about her memories at Abbot Academy from the early 1860s.

Letter from Alison Galusha to Don Gordon expressing her concerns over the rumors that she has heard about Abbot Academy making some rule changes.

Letter to Don Gordon from Betsy Pennink, a concerned parent about the news of the merger with Phillips Academy the following fall. She expresses her concern about the classroom experience and other issues she believes will arise when the schools…

Postcard from Carmen B. Partridge to Don Gordon about trip around Germany and Austria. Informs him that her daughter, Peggy, will be returning to Andover on her own, but that she will be coming back in March.

Letter from former student Carolyn Naijeh to Don Gordon giving general updates on her life after Abbot. Including deferring from Vanderbilt and taking a trip to California.

Letter from Elizabeth J. (Thayer) Cady to Philena McKeen answering questions from the semi-centennial survey.

Letter to Don Gordon from Heide Kropp about the difficulties of building relationships in college and the importance of letter seniors at Abbot know that there are always alternatives to college.
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