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Letter from former student Linda Rawsou to Don Gordon about an article referencing a jazz musician. She also wishes him luck on his new adventures.

Letter to Don Gordon from Marra thanking him and his wife for their help and also for her experience in Washington D.C. She also expresses that she is looking forward to return to Abbot, as it is "rare find" that she has come to appreciate more now…

Letter to Don Gordon from Noelle B. Beatty, Abbot class of 1950, writing in support of the merger with Phillips Academy.

Postcard from Sara G writing after watching the first spacelab launch in Florida.

Letter from former student Shauna T. to Don Gordon about her withdrawl from Abbot Academy.

Letter to Don Gordon from Betsy Pennink, a concerned parent about the news of the merger with Phillips Academy the following fall. She expresses her concern about the classroom experience and other issues she believes will arise when the schools…

Letter to Don Gordon thanking him for being their while Jane Comely's daughter was in the hospital.

Letter to Don Gordon from Jay Rodgin in regards to the final year of Abbot. Says that Gordon's "yankee hospitality" far exceeds his own "southern hospitality."

Letter thanking Don Gordon for his efforts over the years and for being an important and integral part of their daughter's education.

Letter to Don Gordon from Laura H. Milton thanking him and the trustees for the work that they do at Abbot Academy. Only complaint was lack of milk served during meal times.
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