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Letter from May H. Williams to Philena McKeen informing her that Williams will not be at the semi-centennial celebration due to poor health.

Letter from Mary R. Kimball to Philena McKeen discussing how her education had an effect on her entire life and life's work.

Letter from Lizzie Chadborne to Philena McKeen about her studies and time at Andover. Also mentions something about being unable to help with "the cause," doesn't specifically mention what this is.

Letter from L. T. Chamberlain granting permission for Philena McKeen to use him as a reference in support of Abbot Academy.

Letter from former student Helen M. (Brown) Copeland to Philena McKeen responding to the semi-sentennial invitation, including updates on her life post Abbot.

Letter from Elizabeth J. (Thayer) Cady to Philena McKeen answering questions from the semi-centennial survey.

Letter from Ada L. Jams to Philena McKeen accepting the invitation to the semi-centennial and discussing fond memories of being at Abbot Academy.

Letter to Don Gordon concerning a parents thoughts on the activities and presentations that were given at Parent's Weekend. There were a lot of negative comments, especially about birth control and learning about "liberal arts"

Letter to Don Gordon from concerned parent, Nonie Meudeuhall, in regards to some of the drug activities happening around Abbot and Phillip Academy's campuses.

Letter to Don Gordon from parent Mimi Barton in regards to the merger and to her daughter's anxiety around school work and Abbot.
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