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Letter thanking Don Gordon for his efforts over the years and for being an important and integral part of their daughter's education.

Postcard from Carmen B. Partridge to Don Gordon about trip around Germany and Austria. Informs him that her daughter, Peggy, will be returning to Andover on her own, but that she will be coming back in March.

Letter to Don Gordon addressing the need to distract the girls when they get back from being home from break to prevent them from being homesick.

Letter from former student Carolyn Naijeh to Don Gordon giving general updates on her life after Abbot. Including deferring from Vanderbilt and taking a trip to California.

Letter from former student Shauna T. to Don Gordon about her withdrawl from Abbot Academy.

Letter from former student Linda Rawsou to Don Gordon about an article referencing a jazz musician. She also wishes him luck on his new adventures.

Letter to Don Gordon thanking him for being their while Jane Comely's daughter was in the hospital.

Letter from Alison Galusha to Don Gordon expressing her concerns over the rumors that she has heard about Abbot Academy making some rule changes.

Postcard from Sara G writing after watching the first spacelab launch in Florida.

Letter from former student Laura to Don Gordon addressing all the things that she had wanted to say to him after graduation, but never got the chance to.
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