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Sarah Cushing
Marion Barnard
Marion Hamblet
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Charlotte Morris

Mid-scene shot, two actors stand at a table, while five look on. One of the actors at the table looks visibly upset at the other non-table actors.

Two actors appear to be deep in conversation, while actress sits in chair and looks through bag.

Mid scene shot, all the actresses are in white dresses. Some are standing, and some are kneeling.

Seven actresses, all wearing white dresses. Three are in a single-file line. One is kneeling and pulling her dress up by the ends, and three are lying down against her.

Shot of "The Violin Maker of Cremona"

Midscene shot. There is a girl clutching the clothing of what appears to be a priest. Other actors look on. The stage is set up like a house.

Class portrait of anonymous Abbot Academy student.
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