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Letter to Don Gordon from Betsy Pennink, a concerned parent about the news of the merger with Phillips Academy the following fall. She expresses her concern about the classroom experience and other issues she believes will arise when the schools…

Principal, 1859-92

Postcard from Carmen B. Partridge to Don Gordon about trip around Germany and Austria. Informs him that her daughter, Peggy, will be returning to Andover on her own, but that she will be coming back in March.

Letter from Carol Barker, Alice Holmes, Honey Hefferich, Abbot Academy class of 1964, to future students. Part of the Sherman House Letters.

Letter from former student Carolyn Naijeh to Don Gordon giving general updates on her life after Abbot. Including deferring from Vanderbilt and taking a trip to California.

Two actors appear to be deep in conversation, while actress sits in chair and looks through bag.

Essay by Chih Meng reprinted from the News Bulletin of the Institute of International Education.

Letter from Connie Goehring and Betsy Foote to future "3 roomers." Part of the Sherman House Letters.

Letter from "Crow" about what she learned while living in Sherman; most importantly "love." Part of the Sherman House Letters.

Principal, 1859-92
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