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Group of students in full costume posing for a photo

Two actors appear to be deep in conversation, while actress sits in chair and looks through bag.

Seven actresses pose in front of their set. The set is a castle. 4 of the girls are in headscarfs and dresses. The other four are in white dresses with head coverings

6 actresses photographed mid scene.

Mr. Pim Passes By-Faculty Play
Seven people pictured. 4 are standing, three are sitting.

Eight actors stand next to each other in a cast photo. The play is a period play. Some of the actors wear dresses and aprons. Other wear pants shirts and sweaters.

A girl stands in a nightgown with her hair section off into two pigtails held together by ribbons. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is shaped in an O. A boy stands next to her wearing a necklace around his neck, appearing to talk to her. There areā€¦

Mid-scene shot, two actors stand at a table, while five look on. One of the actors at the table looks visibly upset at the other non-table actors.

Taken on the Davis Green. Left is Despina Pladius '29 and right is Doris Siler '30.

Beretia Manning-sister
Emmilie Staats- Mother
Annie Ingalls-Baroness
Helen Gilchrist-sister
German Play
Ashen Girdel-Cinderella
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