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Left is Dwight Hall, Anna Cleveland. French Play. Taken at Mr.s Cleveland's house/ Cutler's House, abbot place. Posed for Booklet: "Abbot in her second century".

Taken on Davis Green. Polly Francis '29. Despina Plakias '29. German Play. One actor puts a piece of rock into a bag the other actor is holding.. Table and chairs in the background.

Mid-scene shot taken of a girl in medieval costume. She is wearing a dress with a rosary hanging from her neck.

Full cast photo in costume, Senior Play 1919.

Two actors stand facing each other in conversation behind a table. One is dressed as a male wearing a leather jacket, collared shirt, and pants. The other is dressed as a female wearing a shirt and a skirt. The set appears to be a dining room.

Two main characters sit side by side on a bench on the stage. There are other actors in the background. One watches closely, the other looks away.

Stage: Davis Hall.
Ruth Rose
Betty Melcher
Phronsie Vibberts
Patricia Burdine
Anne Sawyer
Jane Stevenson
Barbara Daniels
Mildred Collens
Joan Todd
Marjorie Rutherford
Mary Emily Pettengill

Two actors pose next to each other. Both are in costme and are standing in front of a fireplace. The photo isn't taken mid scene

Single actor shot. Female actor dressed in suit, playing a man.

Midscene shot. There is a girl clutching the clothing of what appears to be a priest. Other actors look on. The stage is set up like a house.
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