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Letter from Mary R. Kimball to Philena McKeen discussing how her education had an effect on her entire life and life's work.

Letter from Ada L. Jams to Philena McKeen accepting the invitation to the semi-centennial and discussing fond memories of being at Abbot Academy.

Letter from former student Helen M. (Brown) Copeland to Philena McKeen responding to the semi-sentennial invitation, including updates on her life post Abbot.

Letter from May H. Williams to Philena McKeen informing her that Williams will not be at the semi-centennial celebration due to poor health.

Letter from Elizabeth J. (Thayer) Cady to Philena McKeen answering questions from the semi-centennial survey.

Letter from former student Mary Hunter Williams discussing the semi-centennial and raising money.

This notebook belonged to the class secretary of the class of 1874. It contains information about the class of 1874 beginning with their decisions about dress for graduation, up to information gathered at reunions or in preparation for reunions.…

Candid photograph of Patty Bowne laughing and holding a stuffed figure.

Marcie Rickenbacker and friends Adrienne Snelling and Sandra Thorpe at the Abbot Academy 150th anniversary celebration held at Phillips Academy Paresky Commons.

Third from the right, Patricia A. Bowne candidly smiles waiting in line to enter the chapel for graduation. Wearing cap and gown.
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