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Seven actresses pose in front of their set. The set is a castle. 4 of the girls are in headscarfs and dresses. The other four are in white dresses with head coverings

Boston Abbot Birthday

Two girls dressed in dresses and aprons sit in front of a fireplace, apparently mid scene in a play.

Two characters, one dressed as a woman and one dressed as a man, in period costumes from the 1700s, stand in conversation with each other.

Twig of Thorn, Senior Class Play 1912
Pictured: Dorothy Simpson, Ruth Draper, Francis Sheldon, Nelli Cram

Mid-scene shot from "Twig of Thorn" Senior Play 1912

Two main characters sit side by side on a bench on the stage. There are other actors in the background. One watches closely, the other looks away.

Photograph from the 1933 Senior Play, "The Piper" by J.P. Peabody. In Davis Hall.
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