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Group of Abbot women on their way to Boston.

Abbot Academy student Amy H. Howard Slack class portrait.

This notebook belonged to the class secretary of the class of 1874. It contains information about the class of 1874 beginning with their decisions about dress for graduation, up to information gathered at reunions or in preparation for reunions.…

Abbot Academy student Elizabeth Schneider class portrait.

Blue exam booklet with manila colored label on the front that says "Elocution-Sallie M. Field." Label also indicates the blue book is from the Andover Bookstore. Measures: 8.5"x7".

Phillips Academy student, Ethan W. Judd class portrait.

Abbot Academy student Grace E. Holden class portrait.

Black and tan marbled notebook, and its pages are full of text. The spine is brown leather, broken with frayed edges, and both covers are nearly detached. Measures 8 inches by 10.5 inches. Some pages have been torn out.

Letter from Marcie Rickenbacker to her parents writing after returning from Crane's Beach and talking about the upcoming year.

Loose notes containing information and sketches about various plant life. Most likely goes with Sarah Field's botany notebook. Measures: 9.5"x6" and fits into matching manila envelope that has writing on both front and back sides.
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