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A small, black and brown notebook filled almost to completion. Some notes may be upside down depending on notebooks orientation. Measures: 6"x4." This is the third of three senior literature notebooks.

Hand painted jack-o-lantern dance card with orange cord. Pencil is missing. Dances are written on the inside with markings next to the dance names indicating partners of the dance. Measures: 4.5"x3"

Blue exam booklet with manila colored label on the front that says "Elocution-Sallie M. Field." Label also indicates the blue book is from the Andover Bookstore. Measures: 8.5"x7".

Loose notes containing information and sketches about various plant life. Most likely goes with Sarah Field's botany notebook. Measures: 9.5"x6" and fits into matching manila envelope that has writing on both front and back sides.

Abbot Academy student Ida Swift class portrait.

Abbot Academy student Mildred Mooers class portrait

Abbot Academy student Fannie J. Erving class portrait

Class portrait of anonymous Abbot Academy student.

Abbot Academy student Alice M. Weston class portrait.
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