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This is the second of two account books that belonged to Madame Sarah Abbot. Hand-bound parchment book with string tie. Many of the lower corners are missing. There is a crease from where the book has been folded. Measures: 8"x6.5"

This is one of two account books that belonged to Madame Sarah Abbot. The significance of the earlier account book shows the financial planning of an academy for girls before Abbot Academy became a reality and officially opened in 1829. Hand bound…

Centennial celebration of the founding of Abbot Academy. Program includes speeches and history of the school, as well as events that took place to celebrate.

Name tag for Sallie Field, possibly from a reunion of other alumnae event. Depicts a woman painting. Sallie Field was known to be a talented artist and attended the Museum of Fine Arts school in Boston.

Hand painted, triangular calendar. Some months are missing and the top half of the calendar has separated from the bottom. Made out of thicker paper or cardboard.

Memorial service in honor of Emily Means who was the principal of Abbot Academy from 1898-1911. Means was a graduate of Abbot as well.

Sports program for the annual Andover vs Exeter baseball game, including pictures and states of both teams. Some markings have been made in pencil.

Red paper exterior with ivory card stock inside. Pencil still attached with red cord. Some discoloration and damage. Measures: 5.5" x 3.5" List of dance names are inside with space to fill in for partners; partner's names have been written in.

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