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Letter from A. Smith to future "3 roomers." Part of the Sherman House Letters. Water damage; ink has smeared and made some parts of the letter difficult to read.

Letter from Abbe Shaine, Abbot Academy class of 1972, to future inhabitant. Lists all of the things to enjoy about living there. Part of the Sherman House Letters.

Report card from Sarah (Sallie) Field's tenth term at Abbot Academy.

Memorial service in honor of Emily Means who was the principal of Abbot Academy from 1898-1911. Means was a graduate of Abbot as well.

Centennial celebration of the founding of Abbot Academy. Program includes speeches and history of the school, as well as events that took place to celebrate.

Diploma awarded to Patrica A. Bowne, class of 1946

Letter from Abby Johnson to Don Gordon in regards to hearing a rumor about some of the rules and regulations being changed at Abbot Academy.

Letter from former student Abby M. Anderson to Don Gordon all the way from England. Expresses her feelings of missing New England and her gratitude towards people that she met while at Abbot, making her time in the Americas easier.

Letter from Ada L. Jams to Philena McKeen accepting the invitation to the semi-centennial and discussing fond memories of being at Abbot Academy.
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