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Two Abbot Academy students on Abbot Academy Campus lawn.

Abbot's Birthday 1939

Blank form for reimbursement.

Abbot Academy student Alice M. Weston class portrait.

This is one of two friendship books belonging to Amanda M. Beaman. Entries are in pencil and in ink. Brown journal with gold filigree and bird bath print on front cover. Spine is cracked in some places. Contains blank pages, as well as pages with…

This is the second of two frienship books belonging to Amanda M. Beaman. Entries are in pencil and in ink. Dark green journal with gold vase on cover. Two of the edges are worn. Lined, mostly blank pages. Measures: 7.5"x6.5" .

Abbot Academy student Amy H. Howard Slack class portrait.

Sports program for the annual Andover vs Exeter baseball game, including pictures and states of both teams. Some markings have been made in pencil.

Principal, 1912-1935

This notebook belonged to the class secretary of the class of 1874. It contains information about the class of 1874 beginning with their decisions about dress for graduation, up to information gathered at reunions or in preparation for reunions.…
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