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Hand painted, triangular calendar. Some months are missing and the top half of the calendar has separated from the bottom. Made out of thicker paper or cardboard.

Report card from Sarah (Sallie) Fields first term at Abbot Academy.

Red paper exterior with ivory card stock inside. Pencil still attached with red cord. Some discoloration and damage. Measures: 5.5" x 3.5" List of dance names are inside with space to fill in for partners; partner's names have been written in.

Hand painted jack-o-lantern dance card with orange cord. Pencil is missing. Dances are written on the inside with markings next to the dance names indicating partners of the dance. Measures: 4.5"x3"

Abbot Academy student Marion Williams Cooper class portrait

Girls of Abbot Academy take school photo on the steps of Abbot Hall.

Photograph of the 1902 Abbot Academy baseball team. Girls in the photograph are as follows: Marth L. Blakeslee, Mercer Mason, Mildred A. Mooers, Honora Spalding, Florence L. Shipman, H. Beatrice Tisdale, Katherine L. King, Florence E. Fletcher,…

Young male (presumably from Phillips Academy) standing in front of building on Abbot Academy campus.

Two girls sitting together on Abbot Academy campus.

Sarah (Sallie) M. Field and friends
Sarah Field (second to last on right) and friends on the Abbot Academy Campus.
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