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Five female students pose in white dresses on their graduation day.

Sports program for the annual Andover vs Exeter baseball game, including pictures and states of both teams. Some markings have been made in pencil.

Class of 1904 poses for photograph with their principal, Emily Means.

Class of 1904 takes photograph with principal of Abbot Academy, Emily Means.

Abbot Academy class of 1904 gathered together for their 30th reunion.

Hand painted jack-o-lantern dance card with orange cord. Pencil is missing. Dances are written on the inside with markings next to the dance names indicating partners of the dance. Measures: 4.5"x3"

Red paper exterior with ivory card stock inside. Pencil still attached with red cord. Some discoloration and damage. Measures: 5.5" x 3.5" List of dance names are inside with space to fill in for partners; partner's names have been written in.

Blue exam booklet with manila colored label on the front that says "Elocution-Sallie M. Field." Label also indicates the blue book is from the Andover Bookstore. Measures: 8.5"x7".
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