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A small, black and brown notebook filled almost to completion. Some notes may be upside down depending on notebooks orientation. Measures: 6"x4." This is the third of three senior literature notebooks.

Sarah (Sallie) Moore Field standing on Abbot Academy Campus in white dress and large hat.

Sarah (Sallie) Moore Field standing on Abbot Academy's campus wearing a white dress and large hat.

Abbot Academy student Sarah (Sallie) Moore Field class portrait.

Report card from Sarah (Sallie) Field's tenth term at Abbot Academy.

Report card from Sarah (Sallie) Fields first term at Abbot Academy.

Sarah (Sallie) M. Field and friends
Sarah Field (second to last on right) and friends on the Abbot Academy Campus.

Centennial celebration of the founding of Abbot Academy. Program includes speeches and history of the school, as well as events that took place to celebrate.

Name tag for Sallie Field, possibly from a reunion of other alumnae event. Depicts a woman painting. Sallie Field was known to be a talented artist and attended the Museum of Fine Arts school in Boston.
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